Bear Patrol


LGBT Community Social/Leisure Networking Group based in Brighton.

Founded in May 2008 by Danny Dwyer the group was set up in order to bring ‘People’ together to become part of a Social Community Network, thus enabling them to meet friends and new faces in a ‘Happy’ Environment free from attitude & stigma.

Bear-Patrol continues to strive forwards organising Social & Challenge Events, gatherings, day trips, weekend breaks & fundraising opportunities for everyone to enjoy and we welcome all members who are willing and enthusiastic about becoming part of a Community Social Network.

During the process of our activities Bear-Patrol Members, Friends & Followers are utilising their social skills, contacts & enthusiasm to raise funds for Local and National Charities & Support Groups.

One of the Charities we strongly support is ‘The Sussex Beacon’ a Brighton based clinical care centre for Men, Women & Families living with and/or affected by HIV/AIDS for which we have great admiration & support for, as the work, committment & care that ‘The Sussex Beacon’ provides is priceless to our Community. For more information please visit:

Since we started Fundraising in December 2010, Bear-Patrol have raised over £80,000 for the LGBT Community.

For enquiries & information on future events & activities organised by ‘Bear-Patrol’ please see our events page:

or contact Danny Dwyer via:






(i) All Profits, Proceeds, Fundraising and/or Monies raised via Bear-Patrol Events & Activities go directly to the Charities and/or Community groups as stated by the allocated event. Bear-Patrol receive a certificate/receipt of payment for all donations made. All Monies raised through Fundraising is either collected using allocated & sealed Collection Tins, Buckets and/or registered on-line fundraising pages and NO Monies pass hands without the Knowledge of the Charities and/or Community Groups Finance & Fundraising Managers and/or registered Volunteers on their behalf.

(ii) We frequently utilise social media incl. Facebook & Twitter to promote our events & activities. Members of the Bear-Patrol group are encouraged to interact and post comments or material that is ‘relevant’ to the Bear-Patrol and/or other associated activities and organisations. Any misuse of the group/community page, posting of negative or deliberate personal attacks against any group and/or Bear-Patrol Members, spamming or unapproved merchandise will result in removal from the group.

Any request and/or complaint can be directed to Danny Dwyer at: